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Collaborative Writing Services

to attract dream clients & grow your practice

You want to share your unique & authentic self on your website

In order to attract your dream clients, those who are aligned with your vision and values, you have to show your authentic self ~ the real you.

When you share with people your passion about what you do and how you can help them, your dream customers will naturally be drawn to you.

But these are often the hardest words to write

It’s so important that the words are in your voice and that they speak to the needs, concerns and desires of your ideal clients.

But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of copy required and confused by what you should say, where and how you should say it.

You may be great with words, but find yourself struggling when it comes to selling yourself.

Perhaps you already have the copy ready to go but you need some advice about messaging and structure.

Wherever you are in the writing process, I can help

I’m a web designer and writer with 15 years’ experience and I understand the challenges you face growing your practice (I’ve done it myself). Writing authentic marketing copy for your soul-based business is one of those challenges.

I can help you find the words and together we will get them up on your site and working for you.


Let me handle the words!

What writing services are you looking for?

Let’s explore where it is that you need help


Brand messaging

Express your unique & authentic self, your purpose & the value you bring, consistently across your site with a clear brand message. From your Unique Value Proposition to your products & services.

Website page copy

Avoid copywriting overwhelm as I help you structure your web copy and hone the words themselves. Words that reflect your personality & sell your services in a way that aligns you with your ideal clients.

Blog planning & writing

Feeling daunted by the very prospect of regular writing? I’ll help you take the blog by the horns. We’ll work on strategy, a realistic schedule, plus writing, publishing & promoting blogs that will foster client engagement & trust.

Here’s how we’ll work together

Creating your website copy is perhaps the most important and challenging aspect of any web project. And you need to have it in place before a single page is laid out on your site.

Copy first. Then design.

We’ll get the best results if we work together as co-creators on this project.

That means sharing ideas, honest and respectful communication, timely response from both sides, and an attitude of gratitude that goes two ways.

We’ll get on the same page from the start and I will help you to establish your site structure, what copy you need, and where.

Of course, every project is unique but here’s an idea of what working together would look like.




Discovery Part I ~ are we a good fit?

There’s only one way to find out. Book a free 30 minute consultation with me on the phone or Zoom. We’ll discuss your business, your clients, your goals and your current marketing copy and website if you have one. I’ll get an idea of exactly where you need my help and the scope of the project.

We’ll also discuss a ballpark budget so there are no surprises at the next stage.


Proposal & Quote

We may well need a quick follow up session if I have some more questions about your business before I get back to you with a proposal and a quote.


Discovery Part II ~ method in the magic

You like my proposal, we’ve signed contracts and here’s where we get into the serious business of planning your website copy (& design if that is part of the project)

We’ll schedule another meeting so I can take a deeper dive into you, your vision for your business, and the value you bring to your clients. I’ll prep you for this meeting so that you can come armed with everything that we might need to establish who you are, what you offer, how that helps your clients and what makes you unique ~ before I take that and shape it into copy that’s ready to go on the page.

We’ll also set some goals and milestones to keep the project on track.


Writing, revising, editing

To produce website copy that is a true reflection of you and the value you bring, this will need to be a collaborative process ~ I don’t just go away and write it and then present you with a finished website full of words.

I’ll need your input ~ your customer research and feedback, keywords, competitor information, market information, dream client profile, your business goals, and your own story.


Delivery & support

When your copy is ready and approved, I’ll supply it in a Google doc or load it onto Your Shiny New Website if that is part of the project scope.

After that, I can provide ongoing support with your blog and future copy updates.

more services

How else can I help?

Web design

Avoid project overwhelm as I guide you, step-by-step, through the build & design process and deliver a beautiful shiny new website that you’ll love & that will attract your best clients.

Hosting & site care

Relax in the knowledge that your site is up-to-date & being well taken care of with one of my specialist WordPress hosting packages for performance, speed & security.

Design Services

For anything outside my zone of genius, I have a network of professionals in graphic design, photography, video editing & animation who we can collaborate with if your project presents the opportunity.

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