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6 Things a Blog Can Do For You & Your Business

So, you’re planning your new website or taking a long hard look at the one you already have and you may be asking yourself:

“Do I really need a blog? My Web Designer (that’s me! *shiny & hopeful*) says I need one… but do I really?”

And the answer to this, in pretty much all cases, is YES.

Even if you’re already pushed for time and you don’t think you are a great writer the answer is YES.

Especially if you think it’s all been said before by someone else, the answer is still YES.

Keeping up a regular, high-quality blog may be a big commitment, but it’s good for your website, and therefore good for your business. And what’s good for your business is good for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Here are 6 things that a blog can do for you

1. Generate more leads

Let’s start right at the business end. The fact is that businesses that blog get more business.

Picture this: your potential client is considering you and one other business…

you are blogging about what you do and how it helps your clients and your competitor isn’t.

Who is more likely to stand out as the better choice?

You are!

2. Build trust

Your blog offers an opportunity to speak directly to your customers about the things that matter to them in your own voice.

And if they see that you are blogging regularly you are showing your commitment as well as your knowledge, and that helps to nurture relationships with potential clients and establish trust.

3. Position you as an expert in your field

Providing useful information for your customers on your blog can help you demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an authority in a way that your regular website copy cannot.

4. Increase engagement

Blogging gives you the opportunity to show some personality and, if you open comments on your blog posts, it gives your readers a chance to engage. They can give you valuable feedback, ask questions and, if you’ve been super informative, they will share your content on their social media.

So, write about what you know and about what concerns and interests your dream client and give them a reason to engage.

5. Attract backlinks

Regular blogging provides so many more reasons for people to link to your site than your more static website copy ~ your hompage, sevices or about page, to name a few examples.

And backlinks from authoritative sites improve your search ranking.

And, as already mentioned, regular blogging also provides you with content to share on social media. You can invite readers to comment and share leading to higher engagement and ultimately more bookings or sales.

6. Improve your SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

I’m sure you know it, but not everybody does… because of life and other such important things.

SEO is essentially the art and science of Googlising (Ha! totally made that word up… or did I?) your website so that Google and other search engines crawl it, love it for the super informative and useful site that it is, and serve it up to as many people looking for you (and people like you) as possible.

A blog keeps the content on your website current, fresh and dynamic. This sends healthy signals to Google, indicating that the lights are on and someone’s home over at your website.

In other words, you didn’t just bung a website up on the internet and leave it there to languish…. and do all the heavy lifting with no help.

Regular blogging means more quality content (literally more pages) for Google to index and serve up, which in the long run will improve your traffic, ranking and authority.

And please remember… You’re not writing the bible

It doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece or even highly original.

I’m not saying that what you write can’t or won’t be inspirational or even transformational. Quite the opposite may be the case.

I’m only saying that in blogging as in life, there is nothing new under the sun. And that’s ok.

You might be a massage therapist blogging about the positive effects of massage, a hypnotherapist writing about ways to deal with stress, a reiki practitioner promoting the benefits of meditation, or a coach writing about mindfulness…

Whatever the subject, these things will have been written about before, but your clients will still be interested in your take on it and how you express yourself on the subject. That’s what they want to hear.

On your blog, they get to hear your voice and you get to show your expertise, passion and personality.

Blogging is a commitment, but it’s worth it.

Feel like you need some help?

It’s not unusual to feel daunted by the prospect of starting and committing to writing a blog. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea and would like some help planning and getting started with your blog content, I can help.

Find out more about my writing services and get in touch for a free content consultation.


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